Changing the Game of Drones.

How the Drone Champions League combines E-Sport, virtual reality and live team sport experience to excite the masses. Join the flying revolution.


Each and every year, totally new forms of sports emerge. In the case of drone racing, WWP helped to design and implement an innovative championship, brainchild of Herbert Weirather, an aviation engineer and aerobatic pilot. Together with WWP, they created the Drone Champions League (DCL), the pinnacle live Drone team sport series. A new platform for a young audience, but nonetheless exciting sport. DCL is a the worlds unmatched platform combining e-sports and real sports. WWP is investor and marketing partner at the same time.


Drone racing involves steering flying robots with a maximum speed of 140km/h through gates and pylons using very precise joystick movements. The sport shot to prominence in 2017, with the Drone Race on an Austrian castle ruine. In 2017 DCL has become one of the most upraising sport leagues with a race in front of 180'000 spectators on the Champs Elysees .
The DCL establishes regular events to bring drone races to a broader audience and boost the sport by teaming up with high profile sponsors like Conrad, FL1, Trilux, and Vodafone.


The involvement of WWP in drone racing meant revising the racing format to better suit the fans, pilots and teams. The inaugural DCL race in Reutte featured 40 pilots on international top –level, with races set against the stunning backdrop of castle ruins to generate breath-taking footage for both TV broadcasters and onsite video walls. Soon, other races followed.


A salt mine in Romania was the perfect playground for „The Race in Cave“, which was shown live around the world with the support of Vodafone. Races on the famous Champs-Élysées in Paris featuring 180,000 spectators, while in Liechtenstein parliament and government buildings were incorporated into the racetrack.


The partnership with WWP propelled (pun intended) Drone Champions League into the spotlight. Through the selection of the spectacular locations like Salina Turda or Paris, the races became events that were broadcast by international TV stations around the globe in more than 100 countries. In addition, WWP generated impact for the new platform through the use of social media like Instagram, Facebook and a dedicated YouTube channel.

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