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In addition to managing international key accounts in the area of classic sponsoring, we also utilize our know-how from numerous years of experience in advertising, promotion, PR and special events outside the sponsorship sector.

An in-house graphics and new media department, as well as a network of powerful partners, make it possible for us to develop unique creative solutions in response to the multifarious demands of modern marketing.



Reachbird is an influencer marketing software for scalable and professional influencer marketing. The all-in-one solution helps brands and their agencies to implement successful collaborations and establish long-term relationships with relevant influencers. Reachbird is a complex and intelligent technology that greatly simplifies influencer marketing for companies and agencies: From identifying and selecting suitable influencers, analyzing their communities, to monitoring, managing, analyzing, reporting and paying campaigns, Reachbird automates the entire process of an influencer marketing campaign. Companies like Coca-Cola, Lindt & Sprüngli, Mövenpick, BMW or Allianz already trust Reachbird.

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The Drone Champions League takes on the challenge of establishing the upcoming drone racing sport as a world sport. In order to reach that goal, the Drone Champions League pursues attractive live events at stunning locations with broad media coverage and the best pilots in the world. Spectators can experience the excitement of drone racing live on site or via video stream.

Join the flying revolution

WWP & Sports Business Academy Partnership

We are proud that we were the first partner of SPOAC -Sports Business Academy, reinforcing the link between science and practice wih our cooperation. SPOAC partners with other leading institutions and companies in sports business, such as the German Football League (DFL), German Football Association (DFB), German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) as well as with Microsoft and Nielsen.

Long Term Partnership

"We're extremely pleased that, in addition to being our very first partner, WWP is now the first partner to extend its collaboration for the long term. That's an extremely important sign for us that we here at SPOAC are creating real added value for our partners. We also think it's quite remarkable how actively WWP is engaged in the partnership. For example, WWP invited our GMP class to the Hahnenkamm Race it organized in Kitzbühel and, while we were there, they gave us an exclusive look behind the curtain during the intensive set-up and execution stages. That was more than a financial investment by WWP; it was a considerable investment of their time and we're very appreciative", Philipp Klotz, CEO and co-editor of SPONSORs relates.

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